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In this guide, we will discuss what exactly high availability means and how it can improve your infrastructure’s reliability.

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 How can I connect to a MySQL database from Dreamweaver?

To connect to a MySQL database from Dreamweaver follow the below steps:Login to your cPanel...

 Do I use localhost or remotemysqlhost for my mysql connection ?

ou can view whether your account is using localhost or remotemysql host in your cPanel...

 I would like to dump the Table Structure for my MySQL Database, but none of the data.

The command line option from SSH is: mysql -d -p database_name > file.sql. Where...

 Do you support SFTP?

SFTP is activated if you have SSH access. If not, you need SSH access to be able to use SFTP.

 How can I find my client ID?

Your client ID is listed on your invoice as the first half of your invoice number. It is also...